4th Lemming Loppet on January 20, 2019

The Karlsruhe Lemminge e.V. is organizing the fourth edition of the ski marathon at the Kniebis near Freudenstadt in the northern Black Forest on January 20, 2019, thus again offering an attractive ski race in this region.

The competition is held over 30 km and 15 km in free technique. On both competitions there will be a sprint classification in the ski stadium after an introductory round. As side events for family members and spectators, there will be a children's race over 1km and and a technique parcours including a snowball biathlon for children and adults alike.


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Freudenstadt Tourismus.
Besucherzentrum Schwarzwaldhochstraße-Kniebis

Tracks & Distances

30 km FT

Start: 9:30, at 2.5km:
"Intersport Glaser" sprint classifaction

15 km FT

Start: 9:45, at 2.5 km: 
"Anger Gartenanlagen" sprint classifaction

"Bunter Hund" kids race

Start 12:00, 1 km

"Volksbank" side event

From 11:00, technique parcours with snowball biathlon